How It Works

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Here's The Process

Your Patient Accepts & Pays For The Plan
Your patient pays a fee of 12% of their total service and signs the agreement.
Your patient's crown costs $1,400
Your patient's Smile Warranty fee is $168
Your Team Registers The Plan
Your team logs in to Smile Warranty and registers the patient's warranty. Your practice retains 25% of the fee as a thank you.
Your practice makes $42
You Complete The Repair
When a "what-if" happens to your patient, go ahead and repair or replace the covered treatment.
Your patient pays $0
Your Team Files A Claim
File the claim on the Smile Warranty portal. Include before and after images from your patient records.
You Get Reimbursed
After claim review, you can expect to receive payment in about two weeks.
Your practice gets reimbursed up to $1,400

Here's What's Covered

Smile Warranty covers all permanent restorative, cosmetic, and removable dentistry.

*Next Level Treatment means the value of the original treatment covered by Smile Warranty may be used towards different, future treatment on the same tooth.

Protect Your Patients
And Your Practice