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Sign up for free and start offering your patients a 5-year dental warranty.

The Problem

Life's unpredictable, and sometimes dental work needs redoing.
Do you absorb the cost or charge your patient again?
You want to prioritize patient care while protecting your profits.

The Solution

Offer Smile Warranty! Your patient pays a small premium and gets 5 years of protection.
Redo dental work at no extra cost to patients. We then reimburse you up to the full-fee value.
Elevate your practice by guaranteeing work, reassuring patients, and increasing profits.

Here's The Plan

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Start offering the warranty to your patients as part of your dental service package.


Enjoy increased trust from your patients and additional income for your practice.

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What You'll Get

What People Say
About Us

"Smile Warranty has been an indispensable part of my practice for over three years now. I love how seamless it integrated into my patient's treatment plans. It has so many upsides to it... I think every dentist should be offering it to their patients.

It's truly a win-win for both my patients and myself. I am rewarded each time I offer it to my patients, and when crap hits the fan and dental work breaks or fails, I am rewarded again for repairing or replacing the dental work! I have peace-of-mind incentive and a financial incentive. It's awesome!"
Quin Smith
"Smile Warranty was super easy to implement and our patients really appreciate the professionalism and peace of mind it provides them. It has been a great addition to the practice. I recommend it to every office."
Diana Turner
Office Manager


If you still have questions, feel free to schedule a call and we will be happy to help.

Smile Warranty is an innovative service that allows dentists to offer a 6-year warranty on their dental work. Patients pay a fee for this warranty, and in return, they get the assurance that if anything happens to their dental work within this period, it will be fixed for free.

Dentists benefit by offering additional value to their patients, enhancing patient trust and satisfaction. There’s no cost for dentists to sign up. They earn 25% of the warranty fee upfront and receive full compensation for any warranted dental work if a patient returns. They also see a reduction in lost chair time, better patient acceptance, and improved hygiene visits as patients come in regularly to keep their warranty active.

The fee for patients is 12% of the total cost of their dental work. This fee covers them for any necessary repairs or redo work on their covered dental treatment for a period of 6 years.

If a patient needs a repair or redo of covered dental work within the 6-year period, they can get it done at no additional cost. Smile Warranty ensures the dentist is compensated for their approved work.

Signing up is simple. Dentists can register through our website, and after a quick verification process, they can start offering Smile Warranty to their patients. Additionally, we will handle onboarding staff and getting them familiar with handling the warranty.

There are no stringent requirements; however, we do a basic verification to ensure practices meet a standard of quality and care. More details can be provided during the sign-up process.

Smile Warranty is not insurance. It’s a warranty service specifically for dental work. It offers a straightforward, no-hassle way to assure quality and care over a defined period, unlike insurance, which often involves complex policies and claims.

Yes, unless the doctor is no longer at that practice or the patient is >100 miles away from original dentist. Our warranty can be used anywhere in the United States if the patient does move away or is on vacation.

Yes. The patient must maintain his/her regular cleanings and exams.

Yes, up to the amount of the original fee for treatment.

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